Boonkrua Punyahotra

As Interviewed by Ink D., March 15, 2011
"We had never been trained to hide in bombing shelter. Instead we headed toward rice paddies, sewer lines. "
Boonkrua Punyahotra

Introductory Profile: About Boonkrua Punyahotra

Boonkrua is about 86 years of age and a stereotypical grandmother. She has a very relaxed personality and loves to drink and serve tea to guests. She is the type of person who takes very good care of herself and likes taking care of others. She likes having company.

Boonkrua was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. During Word War II she was in her twenties. Her husband’s name was Rungsi Punyahotra, and they had two children, Pattira and Aoot. She is a tailor and her husband is a news writer. Boonkrua’s education level was about average for the time; she studied up to the end of high school.

Boonkrua Punyahotra was very supportive of the Allied powers, but she never stole from or harmed the Japanese soldiers in any way. She was a tailor, and, when the Japanese asked for some cloth, she was reluctant to sell. But she did not want to anger the Japanese. So during the war, Boonkrua was not enthusiastic regarding the Japanese. She was thrilled when the Allies won the war. Even though she disliked the Japanese, she still did not refuse to do what they asked.

Though Boonkrua Punyahotra usually spoke with a monotone, whenever she spoke about her daughter and son, her tone got slightly sadder, with a sense of worry. From that I could tell that Boonkrua cared a lot for her children. When talking about the war, she sounded almost emotionless, but I could not tell how she was reacting on the other side of the phone.

Boonkrua Punyahotra was a fun person to talk with.