Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Crystal U., March 7, 2018
"A person who keeps trying and doesn't give up will one day become a winner. "
Aurora Flores-Wolsky

Introductory Profile: About Aurora Flores-Wolsky

Aurora Flores-Wolsky was born on May 25, 1971 in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in East Los Angeles where she attended school for her first few years. She then attended Phillips Academy ,a private high school, which is located in Andover, Massachusetts. She got her bachelors at Stanford university and then attended Harvard university to obtain her Masters. Her first teaching experience was when she taught russian in a high school summer school. She has studied in the Soviet Union in the middle of Syberia when she was only 17 years old! She also studied in Santiago de Chile when she was in her 2nd year of college at Stanford University. She studied in Moscow, Russia as a senior in college.

Aurora has always liked helping people in any way she could even if it was just putting a smile on someone's face. She tries to be the best teacher she can by motivating students in any way that she could. I met her in my 2nd day of 7th grade when I found out that she was my spanish teacher. She is also a very happy person and likes to spread joy everywhere. She has a very strong personality and is inspiring to others.

The interview covers her road to becoming an educator and how she tries to show that in the way she teaches. She also explains how she tries to touch every one of her students by getting them involved in school and to focus on school, she tries to help them out any way possible. The interview took place in her classroom right next to her desk.