Dr. Shubhra Sharma

As Interviewed by Ari Sharma, March 16, 2018
"I loved the idea of teaching, mostly I think, I loved the idea of learning through teaching."
Dr. Shubhra Sharma

Introductory Profile: About Dr. Shubhra Sharma

For my Firsthand History project, I interviewed my aunt Dr. Shubhra Sharma. I am her nephew and she is my father’s older sister. I wanted to interview my “bua” because she has done a lot of work in the field of women’s empowerment, especially adult literacy in rural India.

Dr.Sharma has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. She has taught at various U.S. undergraduate institutions including Vanderbilt University in Nashville where she served as Associate Director of Women’s and Gender Studies (2006-2009). She is the author of “Neoliberalization as Betrayal: State, Feminism, and a Women’s Education Program in India” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) that came out to critical acclaim and is now used by policy-makers and administrators in the Global South. Dr. Sharma has penned many articles on topics as diverse as environmental and gender justice, nation and nationalism, empowerment and popular cinema, and South Asia Diaspora. Most recently, she published a children’s book, “Zoya, The Cat’s Baker” as a tribute to her five-year old niece (my sister). Currently, she is the CEO of Curatif Inc., a for profit organization committed to offering natural, minimalist body care products crafted for maximum life-affirming affects.

Dr.Sharma is a passionate, caring,and loving person. She is very energetic, athletic, and loves food. We discussed her experiences in Banda, India while she was conducting an educational program called Mahila Samakhya. The interview was very relaxed and engaging. As a result, I have a better understanding of women’s educational program and hope you are as energized by it as I was.