Robert Rosholt

As interviewed by Allison Rosholt, March 18, 2018
"We were all poor at that time-by poor, I mean poor of spirit."
Robert Rosholt

Introductory Profile: About Robert Rosholt

I interviewed my grandpa Robert Rosholt. He lives in Decorah, Iowa with my grandma. He was born in 1929. Including my dad he has three sons. He graduated from Luther College and the University of Minnesota and became a college professor. He usually is very happy and loves history. He also likes teaching us kids because well, he used to be a teacher. He likes to read all sorts of stuff about sometimes completely unrelated things to the topic that we're talking about, but that is fine. He also loves the fact the has the same birthday as Ulysses S. Grant (the guy on the 50 dollar bill). He is generally just a pretty interesting grandpa to have.

I interviewed him about growing up as a young boy during the great depression and two of the stories of many that seemed to stand out were the meals and gratitude towards his mother and his education. He was generally happy during the great depression even though he said it was terrible. He said even though everyone was poor they all helped one another which I thought was pretty interesting considering what we learn about it in a classroom. This was a little confusing at first to me because it was so different from the school point of view to his. Overall, I'd say this interview came out pretty well.