Toshio Nishida

as interviewed by Eva Schwarm, March 19th, 2018
"We usually study at school or study at home or study at juku."
Toshio Nishida

Introductory Profile: About Toshio Nishida

Toshio Nishida iis a japanese teacher at Kealing and LASA. He moved to the U.S. from Japan when he was selected to teach there. He has now been teaching for 18 years. He enjoys teaching American students about his language and culture.
In Japan, school is a big part of kids’ lives. A lot of time outside school is spent doing homework or studying. Many kids also go to Juku, also called “cram school.” Here, teachers will go over work, help kids study, and assign extra problems. It is usually in the afternoon, from 6 to 9. Because of this, japanese children do not have much free time. I got to interview Nishida in the spring of 2018 because I am lucky enough to be one of his students.