John Tian

As Interviewed by Christine T., March 11, 2018
"Usually in China, resources are allocated based on where you live. In city or urban areas, they get more resources, so schools are better equipped. In rural areas, schools have less resources, so teachers are less qualified, and also the buildings are less advanced."
John Tian

Introductory Profile: About John Tian

John Tian is my father. He is a tall Asian with glasses. He was born and raised in a rural part of China in the 1970s. As a result, he went to a school that didn’t have as many resources that a typical school would have. He attended school in the US after he finished college in China in 1994 in order to pursue his career choice. He is currently living in Austin, Texas and is a software architect.

During the interview, I asked him about what his educational experiences were like in a poor part of China, what the conditions were there, and how he was able to attend college in the US. He talked about his educational experiences in rural China over 12 years. The overall tone of the interview was calm since we didn’t go into anything too deep. Since English is his second language, there are some grammatical errors in the way he speaks.