Thomas Schatz

As Interviewed by Noah Schatz, March 30, 2011
"The Vietnam War caused tremendous tension at home, within families, within communities, far, far more than you can imagine or that is going on now in the current unfortunate military enterprise."
Thomas Schatz

Introductory Profile: About Tom Schatz

Tom Schatz grew up in the time of the Civil Rights movement as well as the Vietnam War, and he was willing to share some of his experiences from this time period with me. He also shared with me some of his experiences from his undergraduate years.

Tom is around six feet tall; he wears glasses and had bony face, but, has a nice complexion, with combed back blond hair and blue eyes. He is a nice 62-year man, but at times can be serious on a topic if he needs to be.

Tom works at the University of Texas as a professor in film. Tom went to the University of Notre Dame for his undergraduate career, and got his Master’s degree at the University of Nebraska and his Ph.D. at University of Iowa. Tom also attended a march on Washington against the Vietnam War.

Tom seemed very serious throughout the entire interview. I could tell when he didn’t want to go into detail; he would kind of trail off and then start on a new sentence. Whenever he would get excited, he would get louder and I could tell this because my recording device had a monitor that tells you the volume of the person speaking.

Tom gave me very interesting information. I also feel that Tom answered every question very appropriately. I also liked how Tom had multiple things to say to every question. The only thing that I think I could have improved was to have asked more detailed questions.