Geronimo Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Chloe K., March 9, 2018
"I knew that if you get good grades in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, then that counts for going to college. And my parents wanted to help me do that, and they didn’t have the money to send me to college, but they made choices..."
Geronimo Rodriguez

Introductory Profile: About Geronimo Rodriguez

Geronimo Rodriguez Jr. is very active in his community, helping other people with their quest for social justice such as his own when he was growing up as a migrant farmworker with his family. He has experienced different social justice struggles from his childhood, growing up working in fields to help support his family and moving around each season for work. Mr. Rodriguez is one of my mother’s old law school friends.

Mr. Rodriguez started the interview talking about his childhood and some of the social injustices that really affected him and how growing up a migrant farmworker. Facing these injustices made him the person he is today. Eventually he talked about people that inspired him and why he wanted to be a part of the Seton Community Outreach Program and the Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life movement. Finally he talked about the cultural advances he has seen just since he was growing up.

While I was interviewing Mr. Rodriguez in his office at one of the Seton office buildings, he had a lot of good stories to share. He answered many of my questions without me having to ask them, and he related his stories to life today and how these experiences affected his life going forward.