Elaine Gutierrez

As Interviewed by Kyra K., March 14, 2018
"I'm glad that we've got organizations now that are educating us and there's more awareness about autism now -- because I never really paid attention to it until my child was diagnosed with Asperger's."
Elaine Gutierrez

Introductory Profile: About Elaine Gutierrez

My neighbor, Elaine Gutierrez is a mother of two kids. One of her children, Jay was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when he was nine. Since then, Elaine and her son have worked together to make him feel confident at school. Currently, her son, Jay is on an Individual Education Plan at school and is eligible for many accommodations or modifications pertaining to his schoolwork -- for example, he may be allowed more time on STAAR test and he may use a calculator during math. Currently, he also is participating in outside therapy sessions to help him with his Asperger’s. Elaine is always trying to be the best parent she can be and is always Jay’s advocate.

During the interview, Elaine talked about disabilities and the challenges that her son and other kids with Asperger's face in their everyday lives. Elaine is very supportive of her sons and is always reading about Asperger’s and autism awareness. Elaine looks forward to a future where many people are aware of autism and people with autism are more understood.