Sarala L. Peddinti

As Interviewed by Sathvik C., March 16, 2018
"If equal opportunities of education and learning are provided, anybody can prove their ability irrespective of their gender..."
Sarala L. Peddinti

Introductory Profile: About Sarala L. Peddinti

The name of my interviewee is Sarala Lakshman Peddinti. Mrs. Peddinti is my maternal grandmother, and I came to know of her life experiences through this interview process. She was born around the time India got independence and grew up in a society where women were discriminated against. Despite this, she got an education and ended up becoming a biology teacher. This made her become a strong and bold person that she is today.

My grandmother has a very nice personality and was very open and expressive about the topic of women's rights. Due to this, the tone of the interview room was very calm. My grandmother was not shy or nervous in any way to elaborate on her experiences.

During the interview we discussed women's rights and education. The interview was very interesting as I learned that my grandmother grew up having very limited rights compared to her brothers. I enjoyed engaging with my grandmother. I hope others take notice and prevent the discrimination of women that we see today.