Tiffany Roberson

As Interviewed by Harrison C., March 7, 2018
"The police drew a weapon on us and told us that we needed to get out of the street and leave the area. It was shocking to me because twenty to thirty people in the street, leaving the building and going to their cars, but our group was targeted and had weapons drawn on us."
Tiffany Roberson

Introductory Profile: About Tiffany Roberson

My interviewee is Tiffany Roberson. Roberson was born in New Braunfels but she grew up near the U.S. and Mexico border in El Centro, California. El Centro is ten minutes from the Mexico border and forty-five minutes from the Arizona border. Her mom is African-American and her dad is Anglo-American. Her dad was the basketball coach for the local junior college and recruited African-American players to come to El Centro and play for him. Later in life, she went to Texas Southern University in Houston on a scholarship for sports with her cousin. She is currently an operations director at Reagan Early College High School in Austin. During the interview, we sit at a table next to her office.

In the interview, we talked about her experience with racism. Growing up in Southern California near the Mexico border, she was often discriminated against because of the neighborhood she grew up in. This was the same for many people near her as well. People would even question her and her brother when they were with her dad. We also talked about her experiences being discriminated against in college. Roberson described stories about her going out with her friends and one particular encounter with one of her professors. Roberson also talked about stories going to events for holidays with her family.