Marylene Palard

As Interviewed by Zachary Vasseur, March 18, 2018
"Speech is a kind of traitor. It’s something that identifies you and you can’t hide from it. You are utterly dependent of your accent."
Marylene Palard

Introductory Profile: About Marlene Palard

I interviewed my mother, Marylene Palard. Marylene Palard is now a citizen in America. She was born in France so she has two nationalities now.

The social injustice that she wants to talk about is her accent. It has bothered her a lot for the 15 years she’s been living in America. Because of her accent, she feels like she has been excluded from some big responsibilities at her previous job. She fears that this injustice will walk with her forever.

Marylene has recently quit her old job to follow a career in the field of Cryptography.