Amy Gonzales

As Interviewed by Carter Rose Matheny, March 19, 2018
"It’s like I’m not Mexican enough for Mexican families, but I am certainly not White to fit in with the White families. So, I’m just me. I’ve accepted that, but I do feel that, and I am aware when I am sitting in a Principal meeting and I am the only brown person in a room of like fifty."
Amy Gonzales

Introductory Profile: About Amy Gonzales

Ms. Gonzales is the wise and kind principal of Clayton elementary school. She was my vice principal when I went to the school. She grew up in Rockport, Texas, and was commonly judged by her socioeconomic status. She had few role models of her ethnicity. Her parents were still supportive of her dreams even though they weren’t the family norm. After being the first in her family to go to college, she went to the amazing UT graduate school program that helped her dig deeper into herself while learning how to implement what she knows about her struggles and experiences to benefit her school. After working hard to make our campus better as the assistant principal, she ambitiously became the leader of the school. She is now married and a proud mother of four. Her goal as principal is to make all students feel welcome and provided for. She wants to give them a safe environment to learn, grow, and find role models. She believes in transparency which has really helped her staff understand her perspective and become more aligned with what she wants and thinks.

In the interview Ms.Gonzales talked about her experiences throughout her education and career with discrimination and advocacy. I talked to her about what it was like being the first in her family to go to college. She has battled stereotypes about Hispanics in her field, and sometimes in her own family when her family calls her white because she values education. She talked about what she has done to make positive role models of all kinds for students. She talked about growing up with a low socioeconomic status and how her friend group was affected. In the interview she was really friendly and kind. The interview was really good and there was so much information said it was hard to pick what story to show. Thank you Ms.Gonzales for your amazing stories. I hope to advocate for your experiences and ways you help my community.