Jade Morrison

As Interviewed by Amelise M., March 16, 2018
"I was treated differently many times."
Jade Morrison

Introductory Profile: About Jade Morrison

Jade Morrison immigrated to the United States when she was 10 years-old from a county named Nanto in Taiwan. As she is my mother, she explained how life was for her at such a young age making such a large change. She is around 5 feet tall and has a very sprightly personality. She was quite open about what happened and how she felt at the time.

Jade talked about her school life and how she adjusted to the changes including making friends, the language barrier, and the financial situation. It was quite a serious interview, and she talked about how her father cared for her even in the horrible financial situation that the family was in. Her parents had to do hard, grueling work just to stay alive, and the quality of their life still wasn’t that nice.

Overall, Jade’s story is a very good example of how hard life is for families just immigrating to the United States from another country, and how we should be more accepting of immigrants to have more opportunity for life here.