Gail Smith

As Interviewed by Norah Parker, April 5th, 2018
"It hurt me terribly and I hurt terribly for Deborah. And I wondered if our friendship had caused her so much pain. "
Gail Smith

Introductory Profile: About Gail Smith

Gail Smith is my grandmother on my mom's side. She loves the color red and is caring to everyone. She works for the church and loves to help others.

Gail and I talked about what she did to help the Civil Rights and how she figured out things weren't equal. We were very relaxed yet slightly formal.

She has shoulder length hair that is always waved perfectly. She gives off an inviting personality and is always there if you need anything done.

She loves her job and the way she impacts the world through the church. She is kind yet strict and will spoil you rotten while also making sure you follow the rules.