Mary Beth Gartner

As Interviewed by Ridley Ott, March 12, 2018
"I would always go as far back on the bus as I could get without crossing the line, because they didn’t want me there any more than other people wanted them up front."
Mary Beth Gartner

Introductory Profile: About Mary Beth Gartner

My interviewee’s name is Ms. Mary Beth Gardener. She is a family friend of my grandmother’s, and I have come to know her even better because she gives me piano lessons on Mondays. She started teaching in 1958 at Ashbel Smith Elementary School in Baytown. Mary Beth has had many experiences in the teaching field. She lives (technically) off the grid and and she can seriously play the piano. She has grey hair, is somewhere in her 80s (I’ve never asked her age), and is doing very well for her age.

In my interview, I covered the two main topics of Civil Rights and Education -- and how those went together in the time she was teaching. I feel the mood of this interview is somewhat serious, but it also allows for the quick story here and there.