James Velde Hiroyuki Uyeki

As Interviewed by Oliver Uyeki, March 15, 2018
"Its not just that I didn't know I had it, but that other people didn't know about it."
James Velde Hiroyuki Uyeki

Introductory Profile: About James Velde Hiroyuki Uyeki

James Velde Hiroyuki Uyeki is a 55 year old man who has two brothers, and one sister. He also has three children, one of them including me. He was born in New York and then went to Exeter and had to study for almost all of his breaks and weekends. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in 1980 while he was in his senior year of high school at Exeter. Since the 1980s, Exeter has become a strong advocate for people with learning disabilities - a great support network. When Jim was in high school, most people didn’t know much about them. When Exeter found out that he had been diagnosed, they told him that he would not have gotten into Exeter if they had known that he had dyslexia. He then was told to drop out of Exeter due to his dyslexia and poor grades in English and French. So, he dropped out of Exeter without any help with his dyslexia whatsoever.

He finished his senior year of high school at the Forman School that was set up to help people with learning disabilities. Then he took a year off and he thought that in architecture, he might achieve more success. While he worked for an architect he was also a private chef to pay for his living space, and then proceeded to go to the University of Virginia architecture school. Still struggling with academics, he was suspended from the University of Virginia architecture school. He proceeded to go to the University of Virginia’s Learning Needs and Evaluation Center and they helped him define strategies and establish skills that would help him achieve success. Jim later switched to pre-med, graduated from University of Virginia with a science degree and went on to Medical school at New York University.