Lina Padegimaite

As Interviewed by Rishi R, March 3, 2018
"The small here would be like a large back home. I mean, the size difference is huge -- and if you go to a restaurant, it's the same thing, like if you order a portion at a restaurant here versus back home. "
Lina Padegimaite

Introductory Profile: About Lina Padegimaite

I met Lina at IMT tennis courts and talked to her, and soon we had set up a weekly coaching session. She has a very interesting life story. She came to America as a 17 year-old, alone. She had gotten into the University of Texas, so she left Lithuania and her home to attend. She mainly specialized in tennis, which had gotten her into UT. She is very nice and can motivate other people easily. She is confident in herself and is determined to make her career as big as it can be.

We went over small inconveniences, like not knowing which coin to use, and gradually went to bigger gaps between Lithuania and America, such as pop culture and school. The tone of the interview was calm and fun. I hope you like it!