Everette Swan, Jr.

As Interviewed by Allee Esqueda, March 14, 2018
"The big thing about that races is if I don't win, you don't win and if they don't win, no one else wins because ultimately, we all need each other and all are the same as each other. I don't really see a race. I'd rather see us all working together."
Everette Swan, Jr.

Introductory Profile: About Everett Swan Jr.

I interviewed Everett Swan Jr., born in 1965. He talks about growing up in the heart of the civil rights movement. He was sheltered from the cold world, living in Buda, Texas. Being my grandpa he often lectures me about the hardships of being discriminated against simply for an amount of melanin, but in this interview we witness his true colors.

My grandpa is a civil man but in this podcast he shows just how fiesty he can get when he isn’t given the respect he thinks he deserves. How, when it comes to race, the many are punished for the actions of the few.

He says that being a black man living in America, racism is just ignorance. Swan Jr., like many others, doesn't believe in any race other than the human race.