Rene Craft

As Interviewed by Elena B., March 17, 2018
"One time we were swimming in a public pool, and a man said, ‘I don't want your weirdo kid to play with my children. Get away from us.’"
Rene Craft

Introductory Profile: About Rene Craft

I interviewed Rene Craft at my house over spring break. Luckily, we’re neighbors. The atmosphere was very casual, because I’ve known her my whole life.

She is very energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about things. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas and has two kids, one of whom has autism and is the reason for her activism. His name is Jackson, he’s sixteen, and really really smart.

The mood was pretty light, although there was some anger for obvious reasons. In addition to that, there was some sadness and desperation. Some interview highlights were when we talked about IEPs, her first time advocating for Autism, and how Jackson is judged for things that aren’t in his control. We also talked about how her activism follows Jackson, through education and beyond. The whole interview made me mad about how society is set up but also hopeful because people are trying to change things.