Rich DePalma

As Interviewed by Gabriel DePalma, March 7, 2018
"If you are a kid and you don’t have the opportunity to access a lot of academic programs, then it was meaningful. If you are a teacher and you want your salary increased, then it was meaningful."
Rich DePalma

Introductory Profile: About Rich DePalma

My dad, Rich DePalma, works for huge non-profit organizations like TreeFolks and FABPAC. He is President of TreeFolks and has planted thousands of trees for central Texas. Over the years he has been in dozens of organizations dedicated to helping people or trees, and he will be running for city council later.

During the interview I asked him about how he got inspired to help others, how he worked to get to the top of the organizations, if he regretted anything, and finally his plan on running for city council this year. I got a lot of info on how he uses his relations with people to his advantage and how hard work pays off. The mood during the interview was calm and peaceful. I think it was a pretty successful interview as not only did I get facts and a story, I also learned some new things about my dad.