Yolanda Ocañas Argüello

As interviewed by Jaxie Niles Argüello, March 18, 2018
"Everybody was a stranger to me."
Yolanda Ocañas Argüello

Introductory Profile: About Yolanda Ocañas Argüello

My grandmother, Yolanda Ocañas Arguello, is the mother of six boys. She moved to the United States at age six and has lived in San Antonio ever since. Now, she is a retired citizen of the United States and a very hard worker.

Yolanda graduated high school in the 60s and went back to college 30 years later to become a Bilingual Education teacher. Yolanda has been a teacher as well as an office manager and fast food worker. These days, she takes care of a beautiful garden and her beautiful grandchildren.

In the interview, we discuss what it was like to be a migrant farmworker in her childhood and a first generation immigrant. She discusses how those experiences influenced the way she raised her children and her sense of identity. She shared stories few in our own family have ever heard.