Gonzalo Barrientos

As Interviewed By Luke Foster, March 30, 2018
"And going out there, I started noticing when I was five or six years old, the differences in people. I asked why we couldn’t go into the restaurants or the cafes -- as we called them then -- and they said that it was because they didn’t serve Mexicans. I didn’t know anything about that. ‘What? What? you’re a human being!’"
Gonzalo Barrientos

Introductory Profile: About Gonzalo Barrientos

I came to know Gonzalo Barrientos when he came to my house one day, being called by my father who knew him previously due to helping him out as a lawyer. Gonzalo Barrientos served as a Democratic member of the Texas Senate from 1985-2007. In addition, he was a member of the Texas State House of Representatives from the year 1975-1985. Also, he was chairman of the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus. Gonzalo Barrientos is 76 years old, but looks the same as he did 30 years ago. He is constantly active, helping out in the community and contributing in any way he can.

In the interview, Mr. Barrientos will focus on the issues in Mexican-American integration over his lifetime, what issues he has dealt with, as well as personal accounts and stories of incidents he faced as a kid, due to have Mexican culture. The tone of the interview is simple, and almost feels quiet, but Mr. Barrientos talks openly and enjoys sharing his knowledge with the rest of us.