Susan Siegal

As Interviewed by Gabriel Syed, March 16, 2019
"You never have a complete view of history. You have a snapshot of history. The question is, through that snapshot, can you prove your case?"
Susan Siegal

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Born in Birmingham during the civil rights era in the 1960s, Ms. Siegal has witnessed discrimination and unfairness from an early age. Even though she wasn’t the one being discriminated against, she didn’t feel like it was right or fair. When I was first assigned this project, my mom was talking to her coworker. Her coworker said that her cousin was very involved in social justice since she was a “Nazi Hunter” who worked for the Department of Justice. Since I was interested in the topic of Nazi Hunting, I thought I’d give it a try. It worked out, and here I am today, writing about my experience. Ms. Siegal is a medium height woman with light brown, curly hair. She is respectful and seems extremely intelligent.

During the interview, Ms. Siegal and I discussed the broad topic of Nazi Hunting as well as many specific topics such as certain details about how she did the job and why. During the interview, Ms. Siegal was not a one word respondent, she actually did most of the talking. She seemed excited and very in to it throughout the interview. She seemed happy to share her story.