Alan Graham

As Interviewed by Sylvia R, March 11, 2019
"We understand homelessness. And we believe that the single greatest cause to homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family."
Alan Graham

Introductory Profile: About Alan Graham

Alan Graham is the founder of the organization Mobile Loaves and Fishes which provides food and clothing for homeless people, as well as providing a home for 170 formerly homeless people at Community First! Village and helping them earn a dignified income by providing many opportunities for micro-enterprises. My dad and Alan Graham worked together on Phase I of Community First! Village from 2015 to 2018. Phase I of Community First! Village will be home to over 200 individuals once it reaches full capacity, but that bar will be raised to about 500 during Phase II.

Alan Graham jumped right into the interview and answered my questions so well it is hard to cut it down to a minute and a half. We started by discussing how how came to found Mobile Loaves and Fishes and then moved on to Community First! Village, which was where I interviewed him. He explained that homelessness is losing your family and how Community First! Village becomes people’s family. He shared some of his experiences living in the village and how he believes we should approach homelessness. Alan Graham has worked to help chronic homelessness for about 20 years, and his efforts can be seen in the turnout of Mobile Loaves and Fishes and Community First! Village.