Kristen Aing

As Interviewed by Jordan K., March 9, 2019
"I think that there are some stereotypes about any group that are slightly true. It's not something that you should just 100% take at face."
Kristen Aing

Introductory Profile: About Kristen Aing

Kristen Aing, a friend of my father, has lived in Texas her whole life, and currently works in the sales department at Forcepoint. She is 28 years old, and was born in Oak Ridge North, Texas. While Kristen didn’t come out as lesbian until she was 19, going to a catholic school through 8th grade was still hard. I also found out that her mother, being catholic, didn’t support her when she came out. I interviewed her on abuse and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

Kristen is a sweet and happy person, who enjoys hanging out with her dog, going on hikes, and having game nights with friends. She even has a koi pond she’s learning to take care of. She has dark brown hair and eyes, and a warm beige skin tone. Kristen was very open with sensitive topics, such as how her mother reacted when she came out. Because of this, the interview was easy, and went very smoothly.

"I came out to my school best friend, he was my prom date actually. I came out to him at 19, the year after I graduated high school. It was actually kind of funny, maybe six months later he came out to me and identified as gay as well."