Mrs. Twinkle Gosselink

As Interviewed By Sophie Gershon, March 14, 2019
"The Salvation Army offers a hand to many homeless people who are otherwise invisible. I don’t know of another organization in Austin that focuses on those who are too often otherwise forgotten. "
Mrs. Twinkle Gosselink

Introductory Profile: About Mrs. Twinkle Gosselink

Margaret Mary Lavidge Gosselink, known as Twinkle to friends and family. I have known my interviewee for a long time. Her husband used to work with my dad and I met her when I was little. My family sometimes goes to musicals with them, as well as meeting up with them at their lakehouse on Inks Lake. My family really enjoys spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Gosselink. When I was brainstorming for my Firsthand History Project and thinking of topics that I was interested in, I thought of the issue poverty and different organizations trying to prevent homelessness. I thought of Mrs. Gosselink and how she is on the board for the Salvation Army. She went to a very large high school, and then continued on to DePauw University, a small liberal arts college in Indiana, where she got her bachelor’s degree in history. She went to Southern Methodist University Law School and obtained her JD. She was general counsel at Seton, where it offered a broad range of exposure. She was judge for the city of Westlake Hills as well. I thought that she would be perfect for my interview.

During the interview, I asked about her involvement with the Salvation Army and in particular, I wanted to learn more about the Shelter for Women and Children. Mrs. Gosselink has short, blonde hair and blue eyes with glasses. She is very kind, loves helping others, and has a very fun and energetic personality. Mrs. Gosselink was very truthful and matter of fact. It was very easy to obtain a good conversation. We were in a very casual atmosphere, sitting around the kitchen table with big windows around it. I felt very relaxed and the conversation felt very comfortable. I enjoyed the interview and it was really fun!