Andrea Brauer

As Interviewed by Nina Brauer, March 15, 2019
"I think there’s far too much gun violence in this country, and I think guns are way too accessible for the average person, and there’s not enough screening to ensure that guns are only in people’s hands that are trained or background checked."
Andrea Brauer

Introductory Profile: About Andrea Brauer

For this project, I decided to interview my mom, Andrea. She has been a part of my life since the second I was born. And in those twelve years I had known her, we’ve formed many memories, both good and bad. So I know my interviewee pretty well.

I chose her because of her experience with protesting and advocating for people that might not be able to themselves. My mom was the director for Texas Gun Sense and now works with Echo, which stands for Ending Community Homelessness Organization. She also does volunteering a lot, and goes to fundraisers here and there. I think my mom is very caring and compassionate to everyone no matter what. She is extremely passionate about helping the community whenever she can, and I like that about her. She she brave enough to stand up for something she believes in, even if it gets a bit over-the-top.

As for the interview, it was pretty good. I asked her thoughts about advocating, volunteer work, and helping your community overall. She seemed to be very passionate about these types of things. It’s surprising how much I don’t know about her. So overall, the interview went quite smoothly.