Amy Ponder

As Interviewed by Lincoln Ponder, April 2019
"So Families Count is a parenting class that fulfills the parenting class requirement that the parents have to go through. "
Amy Ponder

Introductory Profile: About: Amy Ponder

I interviewed Amy Ponder. The interviewee is my mom and I have known her my whole life so the interview wasn’t to stressful. Amy Ponder was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and went to the University of Arkansas. Amy is a warm/loving person that just wants to do her part for the community and make people's lives better. That is why she entered the foster care world.

Amy and I covered many topics like, how she entered the foster care world, what inspired her to work in this field, what happens to kids that age out of foster care, and personal stories about her work in foster care. Throughout the interview the mood and feeling was light and happy.

In conclusion I think that this interview went well because it wasn’t too stressful to schedule and Amy and I had a good time talking about her foster care work.