Allison Orr

As Interviewed by Eli Appl, March 25, 2019
"I was sitting in the school cafeteria and I looked up and I saw a man washing windows. I thought it was the most beautiful movement I had seen all semester."
Allison Orr

Introductory Profile: About Allison Orr

I interviewed Allison Orr For my first hand history project. She is a choreographer who creates dances with people who work in jobs that support our society like sanitation workers, lifeguards, and powerline workers. She choreographs dances about their everyday routine then has them perform those dances. She's even had people dancing with garbage trucks. I sat down with her and asked her to tell me more about her work. She has made 20 dances in the past 20 years, one of which was made into a documentary called Trash Dance. In her most recent dance project, she worked at different public pools with the lifeguards and pool maintenance crew. On her website she has the location of each pool, the cast, and small clips from the different shows.

I met her through my friend from elementary school, Allison is her mother. Allison is a woman with short blond hair, blue eyes, and she is tall. She is a kind person that enjoys working with all sorts of people and she is very passionate about her job. I talked about what she likes to do with the dancers and about her projects and all the different jobs that she's made dances about. At first it was very formal and slightly uncomfortable in the room but after a while we both got more comfortable and it was better. It was a great conversation and I enjoyed it a lot.