Jerry Martinez

As Interviewed by Zoe Pena, March 24, 2019
"I appeal to women, I appeal to men, I appeal to the gay community, I love the gay community, I love the drag queens. "
Jerry Martinez

Introductory Profile: About Jerry Martinez

Jerry Martinez is a fashion designer, and he is the owner of J.Marz, a fashion store in Austin Texas. He is very successful and is searching for better job opportunities. He recently received and accepted an offer to help design and dress Lady GaGa.

Jerry Martinez is my cousin and a kind man in his early 30s. He grew up in a small conservative town in Port Lavaca, Texas, along with the rest of my family. Growing up in a single-minded town meant he didn't have very much support being gay. He was bullied, picked on, and even outed.

We covered gay rights, and the interview went smoothly from the first question. The interview for me was more like asking some random questions I would ask at random or something, not an interview