Sonia Cedillos

As Interviewed by Amy Cedillos, March 25, 2019
"The most important priority is human lives because material things can be recovered but human lives can not."
Sonia Cedillos

Introductory Profile: About Sonia Cedillos

My interviewee is named Sonia Cedillos. She is my mother. At first, I was planning on interviewing my father on the war, but i remembered that my older brother interviewed my father last year so i wanted to give my mother a chance to speak her opinion on a different topic. Sonia Cedillos is 38 years old. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Kind of short but a strong personality. She was born in El Salvador. El Salvador was not that very advanced with technology so as a little kid she had to use nature to survive.

The topic that I interviewed her on is natural disasters. When she was young, about 6 years old, she lived in El Salvador and came in contact with Hurricane Mitch. It hit her home and it was destroyed. At the time, Salvador was already very poor in goods because of the war. The natural disaster had impacted it much more. In the interview, I’ll ask Sonia to share about her emotions at the time, her views on society after this event, how she and her family recuperated after the disaster, and how she felt about social justice at the time.

Sonia is known to be very upright about things. She is very close with her family so from this we can tell she really cares about others. She is really hard working and puts her all into her work. Since she lived in El Salvador, she knows how rough and climatic terrains are. She knows what poverty and loss is. Since she was born, she was taught to do many things at my age. Throughout the interview i learned many new things about her. Her passion and understanding about society. Her feelings and knowledge at the time and how she has changed.Even though the interview was at my room while there was background noise outside, the only thing I could hear at that moment was her thoughts and story. At first, it was uncomfortable because i felt it weird to be formal with my mother, but later on i became relaxed and immersed with the story. After this interview I noticed how growing up in different locations makes such a difference. Your personality is different,your strengths and weaknesses is different. Your knowledge is different, so many important things are different. Interviewing her changed some of my perspectives on life and I’m very thankful for that.