Dr. Guner

As Interviewed by Peter Gregory, 3/25/2019
Dr. Guner

Introductory Profile: About Dr. Guner

I interviewed my dad’s old coworker Dr. Guner. I first met him in person when my dad took us to Ramadan at Dr. Guner’s house. He lived in Turkey before coming to America to study at UT. He planned to go back to Turkey after he got his degree but decided against it. He got a job at Silicon Labs in 2003, which is where he met my dad.

Dr. Guner is a very nice man. He’s cheerful and treats me with great respect as his house guest. He has a wife and three children, as well as a sister who sometimes visits. He’s Muslim and proud of it. He’s not too strict about his religion, but there are certain things that he takes very seriously.

I interviewed Dr. Guner about the Gulen movement in Turkey and the recent attempted coup. We talked about Recep Erdogan (the current president of Turkey) and Fethullah Gulen (a renowned Islamic leader that inspired the Gulen movement). He told me about the recent developments in the Turkish government. I asked about how it affected him personally as well as his friends and family.

We met at his house and began the interview. It was fairly relaxed. Some of the issues that were mentioned were rather bleak, but Dr. Guner talked about them in a pleasant way. We got through it without much difficulty and I was able to acquire a fair amount of information.