Jackie Gaylord

As Interviewed by Jace Castleberry, March 25, 2019
"I had a black supervisor who told me that 'you're the only other one, the only other person other than me, who understands what prejudice is.'"
Jackie Gaylord

Introductory Profile: About Jackie Gaylord

Jackie Gaylord, my maternal grandmother, worked for the State of California-EDD (Employment Development Department) as an ECA, an Employment Claims Assistant at first, and later she worked as an Employment Program Representative for Job Service. She worked for the State of California from 1974-2003. She was born in 1947 and is currently retired. I found my grandmother’s story by asking her about social justice, and if she had ever dealt with it. She answered yes and told me her unique story. Jackie is primarily white, gray/white hair, and has dark brown eyes. She is a kind and considerate woman, cordial, affable, sociable, and very welcoming.

During the interview, we covered workplace diversity and affirmative action. At first the interview was a little tense, but then we settled in and got more comfortable with the interview and the questions. The interview at first felt quick and fast-paced, but towards the end it felt more like a normal conversation and relaxed. In the interview she talked about her personal experiences of prejudice against her, and how her friends stood up for her.