Mary Adams*

As Interviewed by David C, March 13, 2019
"I am not real sure, there was a lot of government assistance back in the 50’s so my mother and dad rented a house before he died and it was fifty dollars a month and we lived there and it was crowded because like I said I came from a large family but ... you know, we survived."
Mary Adams*

Introductory Profile: About Mary Adams

I interviewed Mary Adams about her experience of growing up in poverty. Mary Adams is my grandmother. When I told my mother about this project and I told her about the topics we could choose from, and she recommended my grandma because she grew up in Houston in the 1950’s.

My grandma is a very religious person. She says she is always grateful for everything she has and all the opportunities that were presented to her. The 1950’s was just after the depression had finished, but some families had still not recovered, including my grandma's. She had a big family, she was one of six siblings. It was especially hard for them because her dad died when they were young, making her mom the only supporter for the family.

In the interview we also talked about would she help other people in poverty, knowing what she knows now and knowing what it was like.

*Name changed to protect identity