As Interviewed by Veda Surada, March 24, 2019
"Many farmers committed suicide because they have taken loans that they could not repay."

Introductory Profile: About Krishna

My Interviewee’s was my dad, Krishna. He was born in South India in a town called “Warangal”(va-run-gul). His mother tongue is “telugu”. He migrated to US in 1998 to Florida. In 2001 he moved to Austin, TX. Now he works as a software engineer. He loves India and he goes every other year to India with his family. Krishna is always involved with what is going on in India by talking with his brother who lives in India and by watching the Indian news every day. I was very glad to be able to interview my dad for this topic of Indian poverty.

My topic was “Poverty in India”. I chose my dad as my interviewee because poverty was everywhere at the time and so he was definitely there to see the poverty. He thinks this is an extremely important and so do I. I’m glad we both take the issue equally as serious, that’s why I think the interview was decent. He talked about all the aspects of poverty in India. This topic is extremely sensitive and so the interview was definitely not the easiest for him to discuss and talk about. But, I’m very glad that I got nice and long thoughtful answers from my interviewee.