David Crabb

As Interviewed by Carys B, March 16, 2019
"If you put her in a room with 10 people, and like nine of them were white and straight, and one of them was black and gay, she would want to talk to the other person."
David Crabb

Introductory Profile: About David Crabb

David Crabb is an American author, writer, actor, teacher, and storyteller. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He hosts ‘The Moth,’ which is storytelling event in New York. He has his own storytelling workshops and classes in Los Angeles. I know David through my mother. She went to middle school and some oh high school with him in San Antonio. They stayed in touch afterwards, and that’s how I got the interview scheduled.

David is a middle-aged gay man who has a storm of personality. He is passionate about his dogs and telling stories, and he’s always wanted to act and write. His memoir ‘Bad Kid’ is about his experience with drugs, growing up gay, and being goth all while being a teenager in Southern Texas.

I started interviewing David about being gay, but it quickly transformed into the topic of spreading other people’s stories, and his recovery from drug abuse. I found this part of his life was so much more interesting. I FaceTimed him during both of our breakfasts, and we opened up by talking about pets and my mom.