Rachel Grabel

As Interviewed by Nell Kaminski, March 25, 2019
"We think he came from a home where he was abused, and he had a lot of separation anxiety so it was hard to leave him at home alone. But just getting him into a house, it was amazing how much he grew."
Rachel Grabel

Introductory Profile: About Rachel Grabel

I met Rachel Grabel through my little sister and mom. Rachel Grabel is my little sisters former teacher. When I told my mom about my topic she immediately recommended I interview Rachel Grabel because she fosters dogs all the time and those dogs have all been through different things.

Rachel Grabel is calm and very kind. During our interview, Rachel Grabel mainly told me about the situations that her foster dogs have come from and what she does as a fosterer. Rachel Grabel loves to help animals by fostering them because it makes her feel good since she loves animals. She believes all animals deserve a home and to be safe.

I learned a lot from this interview and it helped me better understand how important fosterers are to keeping animals safe. I think the interview went really well. There wasn't a lot of tension in the air and I think we were both pretty relaxed. Rachel Grabel was really clear when answering questions and she educated me a lot about the fostering system.