Tanya Tussing

As Interviewed by Lucia O., March 12, 2019
"We just have a big disagreement on how to do it. I think it's a good faith disagreement. I don't think it's, one sides mean and one sides nice. Or one sides smart and one sides dumb, I think both sides have people that have looked at it and come to different conclusions. They just believe different things."
Tanya Tussing

Introductory Profile: About Tanya Tussing

The woman I interviewed is named Tanya Tussing. She’s a tall brown haired caucasian women who was born in Illinois and is currently 55 years old. I first met Tanya when I was about a year old. She used to work with my dad at an old electronics company. Later in life, she started a Twitter account and used it to share her opinion on different political issues facing the world. Over time, Tanya has met many important people such as Hillary Clinton. She’s also been retweeted by people such as Don Curren. Since the affordable health care act has gone to court she has researched it and now gets the opportunity to inform others about it on Twitter.

During our interview, Tanya and I discussed the topic of healthcare and how it affects the citizens of the United States. She gave me a lot of information on how it is changing and told me stories about being without healthcare and what can happen when your job doesn’t offer free healthcare. While I was interviewing Tanya was very descriptive and answered the questions in a way that made sure you would understand no matter what your prior experience is like.