Toni wakefield

As Interviewed by Alex Antone, April 16, 2019
"I do not believe you can help who you love."
Toni wakefield

Introductory Profile: About Toni Wakefield

My interviewee is my mom, Toni Wakefield. She is ~5’5", white, and small-ish. I know her because she is my mom. My mom is very outspoken and most of the time nice. My mom is a doctor, from the US, and is 45. The tone of the meeting was friendly, and very informal. It felt like she was glad I cared about it and was glad I interviewed her.

I decided to interview her because I wanted to interview someone about gay rights and she has gone to rallies, etc. for this movement. She also had been very vocal about it, so I felt like she was a person I knew very well and very connected to social justice, because as well as gay rights, she also is vocal about women’s rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. I interviewed her in Colorado.