James Harvey Lederer

As Interviewed by Kat Duende, March 30, 2019
"It's a job that you don't leave at the office."
James Harvey Lederer

Introductory Profile: About James Harvey Lederer

I interviewed James Harvey Lederer. I’ve known James since birth, as he my grandfather. I knew i wanted to do an interview about the child care system, and I’d have to interview a social worker in that field. I asked my mother if she knew any social workers, and she told me that my grandfather had been a social worker for years. I had never know that, and it was a little surprising since a social worker is such a different job than he has now.

My grandfather is a gentle man. He has always been kind to me, and makes me laugh with all his silly antics. As the interview approached i began to grow nervous as the topic is one where the interview might bring up bad memories. A direct quote my my grandfather stated “Just be forewarned I have probably blocked or forgotten a lot of things about that time in my life” which again made me nervous. I just tried to keep in mind that this is man I’ve known my whole life, and it’s just an interview.

At first the interview was awkward. I was stuttering out my questions and, a slightly tensed air hung between the two of us. But then, as James started thinking about the questions more in depth, and was answering them with the passion of experience, the fog that had once clogged the room, vanished. My nerves were calmed and we fell into a rhythm of some sorts. I felt at ease and was able to complete the interview in a sensible fashion.