Cathy Stone

As Interviewed by O. Greene, March 23, 2019
"There are a lot of systematic issues in our society that play a large role in the numbers of who is homeless."
Cathy Stone

Introductory Profile: About Cathy Stone

Cathy Stone works at First United Methodist Church. My mother does, too, and the two of them are good friends. This has led to me also becoming friends with Cathy, so interviewing her was easier than it would have been with a stranger. Cathy’s job at the church is to work with and aid the homeless, and this includes running a breakfast at the church every Thursday morning for them. She is an ordained pastor, and a retired teacher. She enjoys helping people both in and outside of her work, and is very skilled at communicating.

In the interview, Cathy discussed with me her own perspective of the effect of racism on homelessness, and explained to me the different ways her job has changed her life. She also told me about personal interactions and experiences with homelessness. She believes that the criminal justice system can often be a factor in homelessness.

It was very easy to talk to Cathy, and she had a lot of important opinions and stories regarding her job that made interviewing her spark my curiosity. Overall, I believe the interview and Cathy taught me a lot about homelessness, and can definitely provide information to other people as well.