Carol Dancey

As Interviewed by Nikki M., March 21, 2019
"I’m doing it, trying to live life wrong, and this isn’t me."
Carol Dancey

Introductory Profile: About Carol Dancey

My interviewee was Carol Dancey, a former physical education teacher who then worked at the Texas School for the Blind. She is now retired. She is my great aunt on my mom’s side, my mother's aunt. She is LGBT and is very upbeat and kind. She is also quite athletic, and played sports in her educational years and then went on to become a P.E. teacher.

Carol talks about the time in her life when being LGBT was not accepted. She talks about how it was/is living in a gay lifestyle, all the struggles she faced, how not being accepted felt, and how she contributed to the gay rights movement.

The interview at first was uncomfortable, but as we went on it eased up quite a bit and became more natural. This interview is a good way to learn about the gay rights movement from the perspective of an involved participant.