Charlotte Duty

As Interviewed by Chris M, March 31, 2019
"And when I got there I was like, 'Hey. There’s not any - there are not any women here at all, just very few.'"
Charlotte Duty

Introductory Profile: About Charlotte Duty

My first time visiting Charlotte Duty was long before I remember. Charlotte is my maternal Grandmother, but I just call her Grandma. When I was given this project I reached out to her because she was growing up in a time when a lot of major equality movements were occurring or at least slowing down, especially the women’s education movements. Grandma was one of the first girls to attend UVA (The University of Virginia), being accepted in 1863. She had to attend 2 years of normal college before going to UVA, while men had to do no such thing. The first time that changed was 1869, when a lawsuit was filed against the school for violating Title IX (a law that guaranteed the right to education free from sex discrimination).

Grandma is very sweet and gentle. She has seven grandchildren, and they all feel so loved and cherished by her. She lives a calm life up in the Appalachian Mountains. Visiting her and my Grandpa is the thing I most look forward to in the year.

Grandma talked mainly about her experiences at UVA and how it led to who she became today. She also talked about how she didn’t really have lots of connection to the outside world, and how not having that access meant that she was not really knowing that what she was doing, being a pioneer in women's education, even mattered in the big picture.

The interview, while at first was very forced, went very well. About 15 minutes in, we started really talking about her life instead of trying to relay and capture information. Overall, it was really fun learning about what it was like growing up in the 1960’s.