About Sean Hassan

As Interviewed by Aliza Chauthani, 03/21/19
"They don't just have to worry about what they're doing in class, they also have to worry about their lives outside of class."
About Sean Hassan

Introductory Profile: About Sean Hassan

I learned about Sean Hassan and his seemingly infinite volunteer work through my parents, who met him at a volunteer project that was organized by ismaili muslims. He has a wife, - kids, and juggles work with organizations such as iCERV, Ismaili Youth and Sports Association, plus the ACC Board of Trustees all without pay. He does this work in addition to his regular day job, which goes to show his drive and passion for what he does. Sean is an incredibly caring and empathetic person, and he does not hesitate to put the needs of others above his own.

Since Sean is an Ismaili Muslim, and he does a ton of volunteer work for/with his religious community, mostly working with the next generation to teach them about the importance of helping others and being compassionate, along with seeking out opportunity and working hard. However, this audio clip in particular is about his membership of the ACC Board of Trustees, where he specifically focuses on helping working adults with busy schedules (a job, kids, etc.) find a way to get the same opportunities in college as everyone else.