Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Silva

As Interviewed by Betina Yama, March 24, 2019
"It’s hard to believe but for the glory of God, people see me in a way as if I don’t have a wheelchair, and that I help people."
Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Silva

Introductory Profile: About Miraci

Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Silva is my grandmother. She was born in Manaus, Brazil. She is very charismatic and very optimistic. When she was having her last child, she asked for an epidural. However, the her doctor accidentally put it in the wrong place, causing paralysis from her waist down. She was diagnosed with arachnoiditis. Now, at age 68, she has learned many things, and has many hopes for the future.

At first, getting this condition might sound like a complete nightmare, but with her type of determination, she never gave up on doing the things she loved. Even if people judged her or thought that she was different just because of a disability. She is always doing the things she loves and she is even currently going back to school to study psychology.