Scott Lee

As Interviewed by Isaac R., March 21, 2019
"People see me and they think that I am a Chinese tourist getting off one of those giant buses from China, not thinking that I'm an American or that I speak English, or that I grew up here."
Scott Lee

Introductory Profile: About Scott Lee

I met Scott Lee Through my mom. She and Scott both attended Bucknell university. When I received this project my parents recommended Scott because they knew he was the son of two immigrant, and that he had worked in the juvenile justice system. Scott also worked as a lawyer to help people who had their children removed make a case for getting them back. A child might be removed by the department of family and protective services if they suspect that the child is being abused.

Scott is a very buoyant person who has a lot of personality. He loves to make people laugh but can also be quite serious when he needs to be. Scott’s mom grew up in Hong Kong until she left around the age of 22. While Scott’s dad left china around the age 14. Scott was born in Los Angeles California and has one older brother. He grew up in south Pasadena California. Although he grew up in a fairly diverse area he was still part of a minority group. He went to Bucknell university for college.

During our interview we mostly talked about racial bias. The tone remained very light due to the fact that Scott’s experience with racism and racial bias were not very bad, he was aware that racism existed, but wasn't exactly scarred. The tone wasn't all rainbows and sunshine though, because we were talking about a topic that is a very large problem in the US there was a realness to it. Although Scott’s experiences aren't the appalling, I believe it's important to talk about all the stories, even the small.