Steven A. Bethea

As Interviewed by Isaac Bethea, March 2011
"And some of the things that Richard Nixon was saying about the war were untrue, and I knew for a fact they were untrue."
Steven A. Bethea

Introductory Profile: About Steven A. Bethea

This interview is about what it was like protesting against the Vietnam War from the standpoint of one person named Steven A. Bethea. He was just one of the thousands and thousands of people protesting.

Steven A. Bethea is a tall, slender man that is well-known around his parts of the town. He runs a homeless shelter and is very successful in his job. He is very nice and would do anything for his family. He was born in San Antonio, but raised in Houston. He is serious when needed, but has a good sense of humor.

During the interview I noticed how serious he was about what he had done. He really believed in what he protested for, and he was willing to back it by protesting.

Steven A. Bethea has experienced a lot of things during his life and is very knowledgeable. When I have a question, he is almost always able and willing to answer it. He taught me a lot of things, such as snapping and whistling. He also introduces me to new things. My first fishing experience was with him. My first popped firecracker was with him.

He is a great grandfather and a good friend.