Vanessa Calixto

Interviewed by Emily C., March 24, 2019
"Damn one small paper makes a big difference."
Vanessa Calixto

Introductory Profile: About Vanessa Calixto

I know Vanessa Calixto because she’s my older sister, so I’ve known her since I was born. She’s twenty-four years old, and about to be twenty-five on June 19th. She has 3 kids, the oldest is an amazing boy called Diego, who is ten years old. The second child is a beautiful little girl named Darelyn, she’s six years old. Last but not least is the most astounding baby boy called Thiago, who is nine months old.

Vanessa is married to my energetic bother-in-law Jesus; he’s also an immigrant as you might hear in the podcast. She works at an insurance company called AI United Insurance, she runs two offices, she’s been working there for nine years.

Some words to describe my sister are hard working - anything she puts her mind to she accomplish it. She also has a big heart, she helps her family out in anything. She’s also very demanding, sometimes that’s a good thing because she pushes us to do our best but others she’s just plain annoying. (I still love her though!) She’s also a child at heart, she plays around with us like if she’s five years old. Anything we do to her she tells on us and gets us in trouble with our parents, she also loves playing on playgrounds. She’s like a big child adult. In the podcast she talks about how she struggled with being an immigrant, how proud she felt when she graduated high school, and how she can push her kids to succeed life and to follow their dreams .