Lisa Thompson

As Interviewed by Femi Makinde, March 27,2019
"I remember going to rallies on campus and watching and listening to students and local organizers talking about the issues, we would chant and do marches on campus."
Lisa Thompson

Introductory Profile: About Lisa B Thompson

The person who I am interviewing was my mom, her name is Lisa Thompson. I knew I wanted to interview someone about something related to protesting about unfair issues, such as the Civil Rights movement the Women's Suffrage movement etc. I decided to do the anti-apartheid movement and was surprised when my mom told me she had participated in that as well.

She was a strong activist for the anti-apartheid movement during her time at UCLA, and I was very interested in what she had to tell me. She is a nice, empathetic, and caring but resilient person and I can easily imagine her protesting for equal rights, even if it is for people across the ocean. The interview started out a little tense and not welcoming, as I was holding the question sheet close to my face not really showing with my body that I was paying attention to her. I then realized my mistake, put the paper down and and it was smooth sailing from there. I was glad that I noticed that early on or it could have affected the entire interview. My mom was the perfect person to interview for my project and I was glad I heard her story.